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I am Mukta Mani Punj

Since you are on this page, I am guessing that you’ve read my content and are curious to know about me and what this blog is about.

Thank you for reading my literary meditations.


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I am a businesswoman, writer, poet, painter, wife and mother. Even before I found my calling in the world of business, I’ve been a pilgrim-traveler on the spiritual path with one foot in the mystical.

Born and raised in a profoundly religious family of Punjab, India, it was my grandfather and father who introduced me to a life of deep devotion to The Divine. 

From early on, I experienced both spirituality as well as materialism up close. On a daily basis, I came across humans in myriad states of ‘being’. 

Saints and mystics were regular guests at our home; as were famous Bollywood actors, singers, politicians, bureaucrats and army officers. Also, ‘ordinary’ folks from all walks of life. That was the kind of environment I grew up in. 

What others see as my self-confidence, I know to be my empathy. 

As early as my teens, I felt within myself, deep love and longing for The Divine. I felt an insatiable need for nurturing and raising my consciousness. 

The loud, discordant notes of the outside world – people fighting, bickering, hurting one another, the widespread hate and pain in the world, heightened within me, an intense longing for ‘going home’. 

But how?

Who was to show me the way to my True Home? Would I ever find peace within? These were some of my niggling worries growing up.

After marriage and having two beautiful children, I, along with my husband, founded a business, which gave me a tremendous opportunity to further grow and evolve as a well-rounded personality. And making full use of this unique turn in life, I gave the business, my all.

With only Faith showing me the way, I plodded on relentlessly on my path towards self-awareness. 

Today, I openly and unabashedly acknowledge my spirit – the perseverance and drive that I have exhibited in my single-minded focus to elevate my soul.

With this kind of constant calling, even The Divine cannot but help respond! 

It was when I was granted my Master’s (my Guru’s) discipleship, that my first massive Spiritual Awakening occurred. It was as if a person, thirsty since eons, is offered a gulp from a stream of refreshing, gurgling water.

My questions began getting answered. My inner doubts began getting cleared away – sometimes directly by The Master and sometimes in indirect ways.

My Master showed me the way.

Thereafter, I was unstoppable.

Our loving Mother Father Divine is forever ready to fulfil all our wishes and desires; be it name, fame, wealth, health and happy relationships. She doesn’t want Her cherished children to suffer in any way. 

All we have to do is  – nurture our connection with our Source – with that wholistic spiritual energy, in order to live a conscious, elevated, happy and fulfilling life. Answer to all our prayers, wishes and desires comes from within.

This, in no way, should be taken as my propagating inaction. On the contrary, I strongly believe that all thought and no action leads us nowhere. 

What I advocate is – Action, with the force of spiritual energy behind it.

This blog is my way of sharing my passion and purpose – of constantly moving towards more joy, abundance and an inner oasis of peace, no matter what the outside circumstances be.


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